To tell you the truth, we never knew what could happen during our evening!

To tell you the truth, thats exactly what makes Barcamper so special and stays so close to our hearts to us who works with it. The spirit is down to earth, keep it simple, be your self, casual but ambitious but most importantly have fun and just try it out!


Just like we did along the whole tour from Milan to the starting point of the Scandinavian destination Veberöd, Kristianstad, Östra Kärrstorp, Malmö, Helsingborg to Lund and on to the Action Day - The finale of the first Swedish Barcamper tour. 

I just loved it! We haven’t done this before, we have the experience and knowledge and we know that we can make it happen. So we gave it a try and teamed up with amazing people along the road.

We met Torben in Kristianstad. I leran a new curse word in Helsingborg, Satfläsk (Devils fat), from Michael, founder of Dirma who was one of the 11 finalist to pitch on Action Day. Fun part about Satfläsk is that this curse will never be associated to anything else but, a big happy and smiling face to me but Michael. In Malmö I met my new favorit lemonade, Solsken (Sunshine Lemonade). Always amazed by Linda Vasels studio in Östra Kärrstorp, met a strong and wonderful community in Veberöd and still amazed by Vultus, William and Roberts firm and strong argumentation technics. 

An idea to me is an image, a constellation of many ideas actually, images and visions of a structured system that tics and evolves.

Along the way we met so many stories, ideas, dreams and power of will. We wanted Barcamper to happen because we could see that it has the power to create something special, spread a bit of joy and in it’s own Barcamper style do some good around here. We wanted it, so we did it, as a team and together with all the people, partners, associates, sponsors or whatever you want to name them because if their legal bindings of collaboration. I don’t care, I still thank you all the same way for partnering up with us, joined us on this journey and helped out in your own way to make this happen.

And it did happen! 29th of august, the Action Day, the final day. 

We had about 250 guest at Action Day listening to our campers pitching!

We been documenting the whole tour from day one to the last. Coaching, mentoring and trying to provide as much insight, knowledge and also ”friction” as possible. You have to put your idea up to test and challenge it to truly understand it. 

An idea to me is an image, a constellation of many ideas actually, images and visions of a structured system that tics and evolves. But, this is stil an image, only an idea! When you put your idea, this image, to work it becomes a reality. Soon you figure out that what makes this idea tic, needs optimizations to adapt to the real world, reality. 

But outsiders will never know and never be able to see exact vision and exact constellation of Your idea. Because it’s only You who have the bigger picture, no matter how much you practice on your pitch or illustrate your vision. Only thing we can do as outsiders is to try it, test it, give it a run and see if it floats. If it floats, Barcamper will help out together with you in all ways we can to se if we can make a ship out of it. And sometimes just a small fishing boat is just enough too, depending on what your vision of your idea is, we still want to help out.

This is the beauty of getting out of your conform zone and giving it a go. You never know what happens along the way.

As long as you think its fun, important to you and make you tic, then lets give it a try. And so we did with Action Day. After 6 months of work we had reach a milestone. 

We never knew what exactly would happen during Action Day, everybody was on their nervs, I was worried by all the slides I needed to keep track of during the evening. I never done this before, but i prepared, had some difficulties in the beginning and in the end smoothed it out and got a grip of it. And sometime thats exactly what you need to do, just go out of your comfort zone and just do it. We knew what we want to do during the evening and we followed our ambition. Many things didn’t click but in the end the power of will and ambition, dreams, goals and the mer satisfaction of a challenge among everybody was high. I sentenced a togetherness in the crowd. The most satisfying feeling of all.

My point with this post is that there will never be a point when everything just click and falls in to place. Thats how life works, so dos business and entrepreneurship too. There will always be hiccups which will have one or another impact on your life. But the power lays within how you navigate and handle those ”hiccups”. Depending on how you handle it could result in both good or bad outcomes. 

Along the way many things will happen, but you never know exactly what. Or who you meet. So give it a try. Do you think what you do is fun? Is it healthy and do good? Then try it out! Do you believe in it? THEN TRY IT! Lets put it to the test and se if it works. This is the beauty of getting out of your conform zone and giving it a go. You never know what happens along the way. As long as you have the ambition, have an idea you find motivating and fun to work with, then why not doing it? Life is a journey, businesses are too, specially when it’s born out of passion.

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