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How do we create living and vivid companies to do good and be good.

This is a bit old but I think it's stil good content.

Pepp-Podden is a podcast about entrepreneurship and creativity. I was interviewed by the awesome Christian Tellin and Alexandra Hvalgren. The interview is in Swedish and during the era of From STUDIO. It adds another perspective of my view of how I see brands. They should be consider as living beings. I believe that if we see our companies as living creatures we will get a deeper mening and purpose of the company. We will automatically have a closer relationship to the company and naturally understand the core value of your business.

So if you understand Swedish then go ahead and listen to the episod here:


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Shared Space

Diskussionen har funnits länge, vem äger den allmänna stadsmiljön, vem är den för och vad bör den nyttjas till?



To tell you the truth, we never knew what could happen during our evening!

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The beginning

So, this is the beginning of my blog. Never had one before, and never been good on writing either so you shouldn’t even bothering of reading it!