Who is Urban Animal

Creative Designer

I’m Hossein Lavi, senior creative designer focused on visual communication and design. Based in Sweden’s creative hub, city of Malmö.

My background is illustration, but after 12 years as a multi-disciplined designer, I have gathered experience from all aspects within big and small corporations, small startups, retail, product & service design, conference concepts, membership organisations, content & community platforms and product packaging within both the public and private sector. My aim is always to help my clients reach their potential and create meaningful brands.

I have a huge experience as a strategic visual communicator at smart city innovation organisations and as Art Director and Designer at the 4th generations cultural incubators in Sweden. I have coached companies and startups, helped corporates find their true purpose, designed events, packaged marketing concepts, illustrated fun and entertaining stories and packaged content for a wide range of companies and purposes.

As an entrepreneurial designer, I have founded Co-working spaces, designed startup programs, created shops and designed products.

What I
like most
Urban Environments

A soft spot for our urban environments. Be it the shared space in a city, old shut down factories or a small back ally.


All animals - Wild, free or urban pets. Four, three, two, one-legged or no legs at all.

Customer interaction

Be it in your shop, out on the streets, guerrilla marketing or activities at or in connection with events.

Food & drinks

Be it a restaurant, coffee shop, food market or packaging of a product - it's all fun!

The bigger picture

The bigger picture tells you where you’re heading and for what purpose.

Creative & Cultural Industries

CCI is an exciting and fun area. It's a constantly growing economy and where many ideas are born to later be transformed to corporates.

Personal values

Identity and how we create, shape and form ourselves and our surroundings to manifest it is a nerdy interest which taps into my branding methods.

The design process
The design process simplified in three steps

Idea & Concept development

Bounce your idea and define the
creative concept and uniqueness.

Setting the

Finding the potential and setting the primary direction and strategy.

Design &

Develop and implement design
and strategy.

Brand Identity
The compass to navigate your human brand

This model is a simplified visualisation of how individuals create their identities. It's an inner core, your inner voice, and an outer layer where you interact with your world. An introvert and an extrovert dimension working dynamically with each other.

With this model, we can create real-life identities with a clear and highly personal identity, with a true meaning and a strong purpose so that they can have a true impact. For us, the next generation of brands are those who understand how to navigate through our world like humans. Who understands what really matters in life and what their impact on our communities are.

With our digital system, you'll rank you values who are important for your company and brand. With the help of your values, we map them out so you know exactly how to use them best in different situations.

Our methods and systems are proven and academically developed and used by thousands of humans.

Branding with personal values - Urban Animal Design Studio
The future is human

It's about relationships, it's about being human. No matter what relationship you have.
It could be our relation to shapes and design, or more personal like you and your role in the company, the relationship between the brand and its costumers or the relationship and interaction between a product and its users. By creating relationships you naturally have something to relate to!
You create knowledge.

At Urban Animal, you get smart creativity. Creativity with a purpose that you can relate to. My strong belief is that everything we create in our life’s, professionally or private, are all because of our human drive to manifest the "I". The foundation of our identity. When you are conscious about your identity you will consciously create purposeful relations that mean something. Relations to friends, family and colleagues, but also to products, brands and companies.

At Urban Animal we help you find your brand's true identity. Manifest it, grow it and create meaningful relationships with your communities.