Urban Animal Creative Design Studio
is a conceptual design studio focusing on graphic and digital design, branding, visual communication and customer interaction.

What I do best!

What I do!

What I do!

What I do!

Visual Communication - Urban Animal Studio in Malmö


Art Direction
Editorial Design
Graphic Design
Web Design

Branding - Urban Animal Studio in Malmö


Brand Development
Brand Identity
Brand Values
Brand Story
Graphic Profile

Customer interaction - Urban Animal Studio in Malmö


Content Packaging
Customer Activation
Marketing Concepts
Packaging Design
Product Development
Story Telling
Service Design


How Visual Communication and Design can help attract the right target group by removing complexity.

A creative approach to entrepreneurship to attract new target groups outside the startup eco-system.

Branding & Identity

Values are at the core of who we are, for both individuals and organisations.

To create a visual identity which represents Point of Values view and tools.


A revolution to fight bad junk with good funk.

A website in line with Färskings brand identity

Branding & Identity

Creative and Cultural Spaces & Cities aims to prove how creativity, arts and culture can transform public spaces and cities.

To enable a space where the officialism and structured city meets, overlap, co-exist, co-create and interact with Creative and Cultural Industries and movements.


A Europe-based network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists.

To create a better value for new members where they feel welcomed and informed with Trans Europe Halles initiatives.


I worked with.

My point of view

Design is building relationships.

My strong belief is that good design and branding is about being human and building relationships. As brands are made by humans there is no need to differentiate personal brands from corporate brands. They are the same, personal, strong personalities with good values, strong hearts and boiling creativity.

We care about humans, we value relations, we are personal and we love creativity and design.