How Visual Communication and Design can help attract the right target group by removing complexity.



Future by Lund


Graphic profile and illustration, web design, conceptual communications


A creative approach to entrepreneurship to attract new target groups outside the startup eco-system.


Website, graphic profile, story telling. Illustrations, packaging, room interior, communications and marketing.

Removing the complexity connected to idea development and startup to enable an easier contribution to a better and smarter society.

The Creative Tour is a joint initiative by The Creative Plot and Future By Lund for entrepreneurs. With the mission to reduce the threshold for entrepreneurs to get going with developing their ideas; favorably over a fika and by coming out to you instead. The focus is to remove the complexity connected to idea development and by doing so, support ideas who in one way or another contribute to a better and smarter society for all of us.

After the tour where we scouted ideas, set up a tailor-made mentorship and growth-focused Bootcamp consisting of one-on-one digital meetings and workshops were conducted with the startups.

With the above-mentioned criteria, to remove the complexity connected to starting a business, I designed and illustrated a fun and playful graphic profile with a touch of retro-futuristic look.


I designed several illustrations for storytelling throughout the profile to visualise a ”Smart (yet fun) City” in a constant motion and change.

Our research showed us that the average idea carrier dos not identify them selfs with enviormnets and the complex jargong of startup platfroms such as incubators and investment meetings.

By creating and illustrating a familiar environment, a city, with futuristic details we communicated a familiar image to our target group. This image is perceived as changing and thus highlight a future scenario. The effect is a positiv, easier and creative view of entrepreneurship which is otherwise, as our research showed, commonly connected to the stereotype image of complex jargong and suited personal.

I designed the website, printed material, programs and invitations but also several physical objects to enrich the environments we operated in.


The website is a direct result of the graphic profil and the visual communications strategies we had in mind for The Creative Tour. It reflects the same feeling, positiv and creative view on how to implement and realise ideas to businesses.

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