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Brand Identity & website


To create an identity and visuals that communicates the core story and function of Climatiqs services and purpose.


Graphic profile, visuals and illustrations, Website

Berlin-based startup Climatiq aims to solve important climate problems.

Its mission is to increase awareness of how businesses impact the environment and to assist them in making the transition to sustainable practices and net-zero carbon emissions. As we explored Climatiq, the first challenge we encountered was how to visualize the data and at the same time convey its purpose and use in a simple and understandable manner.

As part of the design process, it was essential that we clearly understand how Climatiq works in three simple steps, and what each step involves. Because data can be difficult to comprehend, we needed a visualization that would be simple to understand, but also captivating to the eye.

Climatiq was launched on Earth Day and has already managed to attract an impressive investment.

Tracking your carbon footprint made easy.

In the case of Climatiq, it was very important for their graphic profile to convey their company's mission and products. Since Climatiq is a new startup, it's hard to grasp its identity, so I focused my work on highlighting the core function and goals of their service.

By helping their users reduce climate impact, their tool provides them with several instruments. As with building blocks, you can combine these tools to gain new insights and depth. Our investigation led us to select a cubic symbol as part of the logo. There are three sides of the cube to match the three scopes which climate tracking and actions usually calculate their performance. A smaller cube is inserted inside the larger cube, giving the symbol a 3-dimensional feel to convey that Climatiq offers more than meets the eye. Symbolically, the symbol is a multi-dimensional building block, just like their tools.

Supercharge your Sustainability Strategy

The website was a natural extension of Climatiq's graphic identity and visual representations of how everything works. In order to attract attention, it is crucial that startups have a well-designed website that explains clearly what their core functions are. To achieve that, a simple but eye-catching site was designed with a clearly defined structure. Keeping with its own values and mission, Climatiq created its website with a goal of reducing its own environmental impact. By using system fonts, we were able to reduce our energy consumption. Additionally, all images are compressed to the smallest size possible to limit upload time and save energy.

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