Creative and Cultural Spaces & Cities aims to prove how creativity, arts and culture can transform public spaces and cities.



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To enable a space where the officialism and structured city meets, overlap, co-exist, co-create and interact with Creative and Cultural Industries and movements.


Conceptual Graphic Profile, Stationaries, print

Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (CCSC) is a policy project cofounded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

The project brings together a consortium of ten organisations led by Trans Europe Halles, the European network of non-governmental cultural centres. The project partners will bring cultural and creative spaces and local policy-makers closer through participatory processes. Together, they will tackle some of the most pressing urban challenges. As a result, citizens and public authorities will co-design new policies to improve their cities.

My role in this project was to find a concept where two worlds can co-exist in the same space.

In this case creative & cultural initiatives and policy-makers & bureaucracy. The concept I created was called Movements vs Structures. The ”movements” is representing creative operators such as cultural organisations and creative spaces, and the ”structures” is representing policy-maker and bureaucratic entities.

The result was seven organic shapes representing the different movements and two city shapes representing the structures. Together, they create the project logo where the structured city meets, overlap, co-exist, co-create and interact with creative and cultural movements.

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