Values are at the core of who we are, for both individuals and organisations.



Point of Value


Rebranding & Identity design with Illustrations


To create a visual identity which represents Point of Values view and tools.


Brand Identity, illustrations, print, website & UI.

How to visualize the importance of personality and values

One of the most important parts of rebranding Point of Value was to make sure the brand felt genuine and authentic, yet clear and effective. My task was to find the purpose of the brand and give it a modern Scandinavian look. I used Identity Positioning for this process to investigate the management’s vision to find their authentic identity.

By mapping out their identity we found their true personality and thus an effective visual language that reflects the organisation’s true values and personality. The concept created for Point of Value is a minimalist but yet playful expression. A lot of effort was put into the conceptual illustrations which symbolise their core services and also used in the organisations' storytelling and infographics correctly and truly.

Implementing the profile

One of the biggest changes we came across when developing the brand identity was changing the name Value.Online to Point of Value. We implemented the new name in order to effectively communicate the meaning and purpose of the company.

A full-scale rebrand turned into a new graphic profile, a brand manual was created to guide them through their new visual identity and how to implement it on printed material. Along this process designs for new course literature, visualisations & infographics, playing cards, certificates and a new website was created.

Along with visual rebranding, a new website had to be developed to create consistency with their new identity. In this website, the importance of personal values is introduced, and their key benefits are outlined for groups, organizations, teams and individuals. As a result of the newly created brand identity, we created a website that feels modern and functional, and conveys the essence of the company.

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