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Values are at the core of who we are,
for both individuals and organisations.

Point of Value came in contact with me to modernise and renew a 17-year old organisation. It was very important for the brand to feel genuine and authentic, yet clear and effective. My task was to find the purpose and focus of the brand and give it a modern Scandinavian look. I used Identity Positioning (read more about Identity Branding here) for this process to investigate the management’s vision to find an authentic identity for them. By mapping out their identity we found their true visual personality and thus an effective visual communication which reflects the organisation’s true values and personality. The concept created for Point of Value is a minimalist but yet a playful expression. A lot of effort was put into the conceptual illustrations which symbolises their core services and also used in the organisations storytelling and infographics in a correct and true way.

The first result coming to affect was changing the organisation’s name from ”Value.Online” to ”Point of Value”. A full-scale rebrand turned in to a new graphic profile, a brand manual, new course literature, illustrations & visualisations, playing cards, certificates and a new website. Along with the website,, I was also assigned to re-design Values own custom-designed web tools and user dashboard.

The anatomy of Point of Value logo.
Point of Value Brand manual
Point of Value brand manual
Point of Value brand manual
Point of Value brand manual
The basics of Point of Value working process
Illustrations used to explain Point of Values processes and methods
Value cards used in workshops and training sessions
Web design


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Rebranding & Identity Positioning


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