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Project Life

The design of this book is based on the keywords Energy, Joy and Movement. The ambition has been to create a book with a positive feeling and disregard the negative emotions that are otherwise linked to diseases such as Parkinsons and stroke.

To enhance the feeling of energy and joy, a colour scale with vibrant colours has been created where each chapter with each interview has its colour code with a brief introduction of each person in each chapter.

The cover has a background that includes all interview colours. This is to demonstrate that mindfulness consists of several layers to it. But also to manifest a connection and link to the content of the book.

The blue colour for exercises has been chosen to create a more clinical feel around the exercises and thus increase credibility.

The book has been designed based on the needs of the target group where it is necessary to have high contrast and airy content, as well as good text size that matches the target group's needs. An airiness in the book makes it less "heavy" and thus easier to absorb and easier to read.

The selected font for the book is chosen because of its contrast and readability. The Sans Serif font Source Serif Pro has a classic feel to it which gives the book the fair credibility it deserves. The font is also playful but professional at the same time.

The pictures in the book have also been chosen based on the keywords; Movement, Energy and Joy to demonstrate and strengthen the feeling of an active life.


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Book design


Project Life


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Hossein Lavi & Love Blomester

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